Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Home Depot - Notice a phone call to a customer from Maytag- called and said it would be moved two days back due to low inventories (Some people are working three departments at a time)

A person who I know personally ordered a convention oven from Home Depot.  They were told the that there convention oven would be on next Tuesday.  Maytag called and said it would be moved two days back due to low inventories.  I am writing being I work at Home Depot as a full time person.  Also to add they are having less and less people working there.  Some people are working there are handing three departments at a time where I work at.  freight help has gone from full staff to being cut in half.  So many are just part timers now.  People are being let go just on a whim, just to have a body in there and many have no clue what is going on to help customers.  (This is what I am seeing and hearing where I work at) - I believe this is a wake up for those are not paying attention. 
---Another person who I talked to today said the something on Home Depot staffing in another town.  They came in and I had a face to face conversation with them.  They said a person who had been there for twenty years had a disagreement and he was fired on the spot.
-here is a my post from Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Home Depot Shortages coming eye witness account

Facebook responses

Linda A.
There was an article several weeks ago concerning low inventory. I'll try and find


Bobby W.
its true.. Both Home Depot and Lowes are suffering lack of inventory coming in. Something big is happening and its not good for anyone


Travis M. 
I was searching online for a dishwasher a couple of weeks ago. Lowes, Menard's, and Home Depot. Very few of any models in stock and 2-3 weeks to order what wasn't in stock. Settled for one Menard's had in stock and had to wait half an hour to be helped in that department with no one ahead of me.

Mimi F.
I tried to buy a Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum last week and was told that the company sold out to China and they were not longer available. Still looking for something like it.

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