Thursday, January 21, 2016

ATF now denying gun sales - if your denied you can no longer appeal - via a store clerk at ACE Hardware

I walked into Ace Hardware today.  A conversation was going on about being denied a gun via the ATF.  I asked what was going on?  The person working there said in the 3 years they had worked there.  In the last 2 weeks 4 people have been denied a purchase for a gun.  They said they have never seen that.
They also said you appeal that and the ATF would say sorry we had you mixed with wrong person.  he said now you can no longer appeal to the ATF.  He said there were 5,000 appeals.  I do not know if this was in one state or nation wide.  But he said all 5,000 appeals have now been thrown out.  So now if a person has been denied they can no longer appeal to the ATF.  Even if they tried sometime later.  It was standing that person could no longer buy a gun.  Just a heads up America.  Everyday the clamp closes be wide awake.

 Location deleted - I deleted being some thought it was not a good Idea to share a location in a area where I am at

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